Böcek kovan piknik örtüsü üretildi.
Denizlili tekstilciler, piknikçiler için böcek ve sinek kovucu piknik örtüsü üretti.

Denizlili tekstilciler, piknikçiler için böcek ve sinek kovucu piknik örtüsü üretti.
Denizli Tekstil ve Giyim Sanayicileri Derneği (DETGİS) Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı İsa Dal gazetecilere yaptığı açıklamada, Ar-Ge çalışmaları kapsamında geliştirilen böcek kovucu kumaştan piknik örtüsü hazırladıklarını söyledi. Geliştirilen böcek kovucu piknik örtüsü sayesinde piknikçilerin açık havada sinek, haşere ve keneden uzak piknik yapabileceğini belirten Dal, 1,5 ile 2 metre ebadındaki piknik örtüsünün farklı amaçlarda da kullanılabileceğini söyledi.

Dal, böcek kovucu kumaşta bir papatya türü olan krizantem çiçeğinden elde edilen piretrum maddesini kullandıklarını dile getirerek, şöyle konuştu:

“Sentetik olarak elde ettiğimiz maddeyi işletme şartlarında kumaşa uyguladık. Kumaş üzerinde aktif hale gelen piretrum maddesi koruyucu kalkan görevini üstleniyor. Böcek, sinek ve kene gibi insanları rahatsız eden böceklere direkt tesir eden madde, zararlıları sersemletiyor. Kullanılan bu madde bir firma tarafından tescilli olup, Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (DSÖ) tarafından onaylanmıştır. Her tip kumaşa uygulayabildiğimiz bu çalışma kokusuzdur ve memeli canlılara hiçbir zararı yoktur. Kumaşa uyguladığımız piretrum maddesi yıkamalara da dayanıklıdır.”

Böcek kovucu piknik örtüsünün internet üzerinden satışına başladıklarını ifade eden Dal, tekstilde çeşitliliği artırmak için çalışmalara devam edeceklerini, Denizli’deki tekstil firmalarının havlu ve bornozun yanında farklı tekstil ürünlerine de yönelmesinin yeni pazarlar bulunması açısından önemli olduğunu kaydetti. (AA)

Evteks Afrika pazarına odaklandı


5 Reasons Why TurkIsh Towels

are Best Summer Accessory

Soft, multipurpose, and exquisite accessory made from premium Turkish cotton –the Turkish towels are also known as Hammam or Peshtamal.

As compared to all the necessities that I as a female, may need to cater to while going out on a trip, I came across one of the biggest one of my life, which solved most of my problems associated to my attire and sudden recreational plans. Apart from all the make-up that was available at the stores, I made it my first ever priority to go ‘towel hunting’ on the internet, and stumbled upon two of the best websites that manufacture and indulge in the sale of Turkish towels.

Evteks Limited and turkishtowels.net have surprisingly a wide range of bathrobes to choose from, satisfying the need for my investment in neon bathrobes along with quite a stock load of styles of Turkish towels to choose from. Before I start properly, let me explain as to why Turkish towels are considered to be one of the best fashion statements nowadays, and why you also need to cater to them for normal household purposes as well.

Peshtemals, as the Turks would call them, are elegant pieces of hand-woven cotton, or bamboo mixed with linen fabric. The threads are a treat to your million dollar tresses as the fabric is extremely lightweight, allowing you to curl it up into a pillow when out on the road or on the bus. Evteks Limited has done justice to the fabric, which not only is light enough to carry around, but is also skin soft and has the ability to dry off quite quickly while you mow your lawn and allow your little chore to battle against the wind.

Nevertheless, the following is a part of my fashion insight, which would look good on any one of you out there.

Ideal Sarong to the Rescue

Turkish towels come in various sizes and lengths, As far as peshtemals are concerned, I would consider wrapping it into a sarong to support my tan on a sunny day at the beach. A sarong allows you to cover up, while wearing modestly less. Since Turkish towels are on the go, consider buying a truck load of Turkish towels for your beach voyage and wrapping them into sarongs whenever you go to the beach. Take a pair of sunglasses, a beach hat, and a Turkish towel with you the next time you go to the beach.

Cover-Up lIke a FashIon-pro

If you wish to walk in a park at night or if you consider going out on a date to go stargazing with a friend, wrap a stylish Turkish towel around your shoulders along with a skirt just above your knees. You can also take peshtemals to the gym and wrap them around you while going home. It absorbs sweat quite easily, and protects you from minimal exposure as well.

Cool Head Scarf

I recently referred Evteks Limited to a couple of my friends who cover their head on a daily basis despite the crude weather conditions. Also, if you wish to indulge in some sight-seeing and this adventure of yours takes you to the steps of a mausoleum, a mosque or a shrine, it will be highly unkempt if you did not cover your head in respect. Carry a Turkish towel in your bag and wrap it up over your head so that you can escape the harsh weather and enjoy your sight-seeing at ease.


There are too many styles to choose from Evteks Limited. They offer gorgeously bright colors and mixed patterns which you can wrap in the form of a bandana or a headband over your head.
Join a rock band or cheer on one with the decency of these Turkish towels. You can also save someone from acute dehydration on the stage by offering your towel of your Head.

Neck Scarf or Stoles

You can also support Turkish towels in the form of neck scarves as they serve the perfect purpose for stoles. Recently, I tried two Turkish towels to make a handbag. It caught quite a lot of glimpses and a couple of awestruck faces.

Discover the innovative fashionista in you and cater to peshtemals from Turkish Towels for a brand new experience of fabric – the more the better!

There are many secrets to keepIng your towel soft as the day you bought It.

Actually, the Turkish towels can keep their softness same as the day you bought them for at least a 100 washing cycles as long as they are made with high-quality threads. First, let’s take a look at why towels get stiff. Towel threads are made of many cotton fibers that are a few centimeters long called staple. These cotton fibers are spun together to make a thread. In fact, the looser this spinning and twisting process is the softer the feel of the towel. After a wash, these fibers stick together and harden in itself which leads to the feeling of stiffness. Actually, the towel is not stiffened, only the fibers in the threads stuck together.

You may remember the cotton-filled comforters in our homes in the past. These comforters would be opened from time to time and its cotton would be “carded” by wool carders. Actually, the process of resorting or fluffing the cotton pieces that are stuck together would take place here.

In a way, “carding” your towels after every wash like a piece of cotton would result in a softer towel. That’s why using a softener is not enough to soften your towel by itself. This “carding” process that you can do after your towel had been dried can be done in various methods. One of those is using your dryer in a higher cycle to get the threads on your towels to get untangled.



When you are looking for a gift for your loved ones and you are searching for the best and most valuable gift for them, you begin wondering where you should start in front of your keyboard. Especially if you are buying a towel from internet, you will probably use keywords like “the best towel”, “best quality towels” in Google or similar search engines. Again, if you start your start your search with keywords like quality towel, most absorbent or softest towel, you would probably get dozens, or hundreds of options in front of you. It’s certain that you won’t have the time to visit all of these pages. When you visit a page because its name sounded familiar, or the brand name and view appealed to you, how can you be sure that you found the quality, soft, towel that is the best for your loved ones? Let’s say you liked the color or the pattern and it’s a well-photographed product, how can you be sure if it’s actually good quality? If the towel doesn’t have its weight on the product, make sure to see if it’s actually a close up of the towel’s photograph. If you can see enough fluffy and deep curls in the image, that’s a sign of the towel’s good quality. You may not be able to find enough softness on towels that you don’t see this depth. The more visible the fluff on the towel, the higher the chance of beings softer and more absorbent.